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A Little Bit About Me

Hey Everyone, 

My name is Karson.  I was born in and raised in a small town in Central Utah surrounded by the mountains.  Growing up in a place like that, hunting and being in the outdoors is a way of life.  Like a lot of small town kids growing up in a place like that, I took my hunter safety course when I was 12 and started hunting as soon as I could. 

Sevier Valley Utah

Growing up, I mostly hunted deer, pheasants, and doves. Another passion that was instilled in me when I was young was shed hunting. I still remember finding my first set of mule deer sheds when I was 6 years old and after that, I was hooked. Since graduating high school and then college, I’ve continued to hunt and shed hunt as much as possible.

me hold mule deer horns

The Idea

Last year after hunting season was over, I was putting away all my hunting gear and I realized that I had a lot of gear. Some of it I really like and some of it, not so much. I started looking at some of the gear that I had bought without doing much research, only to find out that it wasn’t a very good product, and wished I could have avoided buying it all together. So that’s when I got this idea, start a website dedicated to hunting gear. Write about today’s best hunting gear, the good, the bad and the ugly and try to help people avoid making the same mistakes I did.

The Mission

Our mission is to help hunters pursue their passion by offering high quality hunting articles.  Also, give new hunters a place to go where they can get advice about today’s best hunting gear. 

Any questions, feel free to drop us a message on our contact page.  Hope you enjoy.