Top 5 Best Coyote Calls

Top 5 Best Coyote Calls

Best Coyote Call

Coyotes get a bad rap, but they are extremely smart animals.  Having the best coyote call will improve your chances dramatically of calling one in.  How do you decide which call to get though since there are so many on the market? We’ve rounded up what we think are the 5 best coyote calls out there and what to think about when you are deciding which one to buy.

Best Coyote Call Product Reviews

FOXPRO HammerJack Electronic Predator Call

FOXPRO HammerJack American Made Electronic Predator Call

The features don’t stop with this great coyote call. The first thing you notice is the Fuzzy Wuzzy topper, which is designed to look like a wounded animal that will attract coyotes. It also includes the great FOXCAST system, which lets the user program in a sequence of animal calls. You will pick the sound out of the library, as well as the volume of the call, how many times it repeats, and moments of silence. 

You may be wondering how these sounds end up getting broadcast so loudly. It’s all in the speakers of the HammerJack, which include both a front horn and rear cone type of speaker. The front is great when making high-frequency noises such as rabbit screams; meanwhile, the back is good when trying to do lower-frequency noises.

Another awesome feature is FoxBang.  As soon as you shoot, the coyote call with automatically switch to another predetermined sound you choose.  This is handy because it makes it, so you don’t have to take your hands off your rifle.


  • The customer service of FOXPRO is top-notch. They love to hang around in the forums of coyote calls and answer queries. They are responsive to emails.
  • Price is great for this mid-range call, and the technology offers plenty to its users without breaking the bank.
  • The coyote call is durable, and you will enjoy quality USA-made production, plus a 3-year warranty.
  • It comes with 200 sounds pre-loaded on it and has a 300-sound capacity.


  • 11 batteries are required, and the runtime is just 3-7 hours.
  • The range of the remote is limited when you are in cold or wet weather.

Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Call

Lucky Duck - E-Caller

Lucky Duck coyote calls haven’t been around for a long time but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them when picking out a coyote call.  The Lucky Duck Revolt packs a lot of features in a small call.  It rotates 360 degrees so it will project sound in all directions.  It also has really good volume and an additional tweeter speaker. 


  • The remote is easy to use and figure out. It is clear, bright, and works well even when hunting at night.
  • The decoy included looks realistic.
    • This means coyotes will focus more on the decoy giving you the opportunity to get into position for a shot.  
  • For the price, you will enjoy exceptional clarity, sound quality, and volume.
  • Comes with 100 preloaded sounds.
  • Has a 2000 sound capacity.


  • Requires 10 AA batteries just to power the unit, plus you need 3 more AAs when operating the remote. It also may be difficult for people wearing gloves or who have large fingers to operate.

Icotec Sabre Programmable Predator Game Call

Icotec Sabre Programmable Predator Game Call best coyote call

The Sabre is a programmable game call that gives you unprecedented durability, a volume level that is out of sight, and includes many features you will love during the most adrenaline filled moments of hunting. There is a helpful remote control included with your purchase, and it is easy to read and use. The button distance and size are great even if you have larger fingers or wear gloves as you hunt.

The sounds included with your purchase are professional grade, too. They will attract many different species to you- not just coyotes.  There is a 5-year factory backing on the Icotec Sabre. Use this call to get the results you want.


  • 200 professional sounds are included, this will let you attract many different kinds of animals for a varied hunting experience.
  • The Sabre is reliable and durable and will stand up to all the wear and tear of hunting.
  • The range on the Sabre is long and will call in animals from great distances.
  • The remote has a 300-yard line no line-of-sight distance.
    • Which means you don’t have to sit right next to your call.


  • This device uses a LOT of batteries, 14 to be exact.  Make sure you have extra.
  • Some noted the color did not blend well and described having to wrap the call in camo/hide to be effective.  Placing it in a bush would also work.

Primos Dogg Trap Electronic Caller

Primos Dogg Trap E-Caller

This Dogg Catcher features a rotating no distortion speaker, so you can bring in animals in a wide radius around you. It comes with 36 sounds and 4 “Expert Hunts,” which are 10 to 20-minute calls. The frequency ranges are very realistic and reach a long way.

The sounds you get are comprehensive even though it only comes with 36 pre-loaded. Rabbit, deer, raccoons, birds and bobcats/mountain lions are included, among others.


  • This is a great quality call for the price, the range is very affordable for most.
  • The call is built to withstand all your typical hunting trip throws at you: water, wind, snow, and being knocked around.


  • It claims to have a remote range of 150 yards.  Many people reported that not being the case.
  • The remote isn’t the best.  The buttons are really large, and you have to push on them hard to get them to work.

Flextone Vengeance Flex100 Electronic Game Call

Flextone Vengeance Flex100 Electronic Game Call

This is a small and compact caller as compared to others by this brand. It is very easy to carry and lightweight, only 8.5”. It fits very nicely into your backpack or big coat pockets.

The call’s remote clicks into the handle of the device for an easy transportation. The 10 and 5-watt speakers will do wonders when it comes to attracting your game to you. The sound quality is very good, and even when placed at high volume, you won’t hear any crackle or distortion.

Lastly, the remote is easy to use. You will love the green LED illuminated backlit display that is easy to read no matter when you hunt.


  • Water-resistant, which helps you use the unit whilst it is raining.
  • Unit only uses 8 AA batteries, far fewer than others like this.
  • The remote is intuitive, and you will be able to rapidly scroll and select your ideal sound in record time.
  • You will like the included 100 calls, which include rabbits, mice, birds, and more.


  • You won’t be able to upload new calls or play them by hooking in an SD card.
  • The unit will turn off after fifteen minutes of no use, which could be inconvenient for a hunter sitting in a tree stand or far away to turn it back on.

How To Choose The Best Coyote Call?

Hunting coyotes can be pretty difficult. They are super smart predators so having the best coyote call will drastically improve your chances of calling one in. Here are a few things to think about when trying to find the best coyote call.

Is the coyote call you are looking at programmable?

Are you able to take out sounds you like, or add sounds you need? A good coyote call will allow you to do this. Take the Foxpro, for example. You can literally tailor your calls to the environment around you.

You can program 300 sounds into this machine, with 100 being included in your purchase pre-loaded onto the device. This helps you decide what’s most helpful, and you can get rid of calls that don’t work.

Does the coyote call you’re looking at have a decoy on top?

Decoys matter. If a coyote sees what it thinks is making the sound, it will be more likely to come check it out.  Plus, this will give something for the coyote to focus on which will allow you more time to get into position for a shot.

What are the attributes?

All the calls we featured today are electronic calls, that require remote and batteries to run. Your job is to figure out what features make the most sense for you. Louder calls are great for people hunting in a huge plot of land, for example, while somebody hunting for population or nuisance control would benefit from having a variety of calls to take out many pests.

You should also consider color and how well it blends, as well as whether or not they include a decoy. Do you plan on hunting at night? If so, make sure the remote has backlighting so you don’t have to use a light.

How far away will the remote work from the call?

If you spend your time in a tree stand, you want to be able to turn on and off your call without having to move and risk giving away your location to a nearby animal. Be sure you take note of the remote range to see if it will work at your favorite hunting spot.

Why choose electronic coyote call over mouth calls?

Using an electronic call means your call can be much louder. These electronic calls can make a variety of sounds as well.

It’s a matter of getting a better shot, too. The coyote will go toward the spot where you’ve set up the call, instead of coming directly to you.

Brand Reputation:  

The reason we included the brands we did in our roundup today was that they all have great reputations. Foxpro is our favorite; they’ve been in business for years and provide quality stuff. Lucky Duck started in 1995, and since then, they’ve established themselves as serious when it comes to the world of hunting calls. Flextone is another good one, started by a man frustrated at the lack of quality in-game calls. Primos was also started by a young man with a true love of hunting and an innovative spirit. IcoTec is a veteran-owned company new in the world of game calls but still very serious about providing a quality product.

Coyote Call FAQ’s

Can you add calls to the Flextone?

No, you cannot add calls to the Flextone- only can use what came with it.

Is there a rechargeable battery available for the Foxpro call?

Yes, you can buy an 8 AA NiMH Battery Kit at the Foxpro site.

How far do these calls reach?

Pretty far, actually. For instance, the Primos will reach 500 to 700 yards in range. But remember, coyotes have extremely good hearing which means they may be miles away when they hear the sound of the call. Plus is you have a good scope on your rifle, you will be able to shoot them a few hundred yards out if they don’t come in any further.

Best Coyote Call Wrap-up

So, which is the best coyote call? We think it’s the FoxPro Hammerjack.  We think it’s the best because of the programmability and the speakers included. They work unbelievably well.

The call is programmable, and has that realistic decoy on it. It is durable and the FoxPro company has a great reputation, too. Combine that with its fair price point and you can see why we love it.

There you have it- the best coyote calls out there. Even though FoxPro is our favorite, we know any of these calls featured today would get you the results you want- so buy with confidence.

Happy Hunting!


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