Best Coyote Decoy For 2021 – Full Buyers Guide

Best Coyote Decoy For 2021 – Full Buyers Guide

The 5 Best Coyote Decoys On The Market

Coyotes are extremely smart animals.  They have managed to flourish all the while being actively exterminated by humans.  Because they are so smart, hunting them is pretty difficult.  That’s why using everything possible to your advantage is a must.  That’s where a coyote decoy comes into play.  A coyote decoy gives you another advantage over the coyote.  They will hone in on the decoy which will make you less noticeable.  With all the coyote decoys out there, choosing the right one isn’t easy.  That’s why we’ve broke down the top 5 best coyote decoys on the market. 

5 Best Coyote Decoys

1 – The Mojo Super Critter Predator Decoy

Mojo Outdoors Super Critter Predator Decoy

The first coyote decoy on the list is the Mojo Super Critter decoy, a fur-bodied noisemaker with a motor to simulate movement. Keeping to the basics, it relies on a combination of curiosity towards its form and the anticipation created by imitating wounded prey to attract coyotes or any other predators. 

On top of that, it is lightweight and relatively compact, allowing it to be easily carried to your coyote stand. Easy to set up and use, it is an excellent decoy and is rightfully popular for the variety of features and excellent quality.

Mojo Super Critter Coyote Decoy Pros:

  • Realistic fur body
  • Mimics a wounded animal to attract the attention of any coyote in the area
  • Lightweight, convenient to carry and set up
  • 3.5mm auxiliary port means it is compatible with most electronic coyote callers
  • Preprogrammed with cottontail distress sounds

Mojo Super Critter Coyote Decoy Cons:

  • Some customers experienced low or variable battery life

2 – The Flambeau M5985MS-1 Coyote Decoy

Flambeau Outdoors 5985MS-1 Lone Howler Coyote Decoy

The Flambeau M5895MS-1, unlike the other coyote decoys on the list, opts to go for a full-body, 3d model decoy, using a realistic ultra-tough plastic model to attract coyotes by appearing to be another coyote. Even though it is a full-size coyote decoy, it’s relatively light because it’s mostly made from plastic.  

In addition, the hidden body cavity both lightens the weight and provides convenient storage for the removable legs for when you need to transport the decoy. On top of the plastic being tough, the leg attaching mechanism is also heavy-duty, letting it take a beating and last quite a while.

The tail is the only external part not made of plastic; it instead uses faux fur with internal structural wiring, allowing you to pose the tail while remaining flexible enough to move realistically in the wind.

On top of this, it features a spike pad on the rear leg, allowing you to hang various scents to attract any coyotes in the area. For example, the scent of a female in heat or of a fresh kill. It is also possible to hang pelts on the mouth to look like it has just finished a successful hunt. This coyote decoy doesn’t have an actual coyote call in it, so you will have to have a separate coyote call to make sound.

Flambeau M5985MS-1 Coyote Decoy Pros:

  • Realistic 3D model
  • The realistic tail moves in the wind to attract coyotes with said movement
  • Ears can be manipulated to mimic a curious, relaxed, or alert coyote
  • Features a body cavity and removable legs, allowing easier transport when disassembled
  • Designed to be sturdy with heavy-duty threaded legs and a tough plastic shell
  • A Spike pad on the rear leg allows easier usage of scents to attract coyotes

Flambeau M5985MS-1 Coyote Cons:

  • No sound-producing capabilities to attract coyotes
  • No movement without wind

3 – The Montana Song Dog Decoy


The Montana Song Dog decoy, unlike the well-rounded Super Critter, relies on an incredibly realistic print of a coyote with a tail instead of a fur shell, motorized movement, and noises. Its tail does move in the wind, meaning that the movement from the tail can attract attention, and the print of a coyote with the fur tail often attracts attention and curiosity from other coyotes.

In addition, the 2-dimensional nature of the decoy means it is especially easy to pick up and move, especially with its ability to fold into a 9×9 square. This is also a true decoy and you will need an actual coyote call to make any distress sounds when trying to call a coyote in. Once attracted by the sound, they will see this decoy and become even more curious. 


  • Realistic 2D coyote decoy, produced using a high-resolution coyote picture
  • Tail that moves in the wind
  • It can fold up and is 2-dimensional, making it light and easy to carry


  • No movement without wind, dependent on the environment
  • No speakers to attract coyotes with sound
  • 2D means if the coyote doesn’t come from the direction you think it will, it won’t see the decoy

4 – The Western Rivers Mantis Pro Decoy

Western Rivers Mantis Pro Electronic Predator Decoy

The Western Rivers Mantis Pro is the most affordable decoy on the list, but that’s not to say it’s the worst built or performs poorly. Made of high-quality materials, this model relies on the movement of either a furred stick assembly or a kite stick assembly to attract coyotes.  You will need to pair this with an actual coyote call.

The electric motor used to facilitate attractive movement is designed to be as quiet as possible, so even without accompanying sounds, it won’t make any unnatural noises that would scare a coyote away. However, its most unique feature is that it is designed to integrate with the Mantis Pro 400 E-Caller. 

If you are in the market for an electronic coyote call as well, consider purchasing these together.

Western Rivers Mantis Pro Coyote Decoy Pros:

  • Most affordable option on the list
  • Attracts coyotes with motor-powered motion
  • Electric motor and mechanisms designed to be whisper-quiet
  • Designed to integrate with the Mantis 400 Pro Electronic Call
  • It has a furred and a kite stick assembly, so you can switch them out if one isn’t attracting coyotes

Western Rivers Mantis Pro Coyote Decoy Cons:

  • No in-built speakers, so no sound by itself.
  • The body is unfurred, meaning that it is not quite as attractive if the main body is seen

5 – The Flambeau M5986MS Coyote Decoy

Flambeau Outdoors 5986MS Masters Series Flocked Lone Howler Coyote Decoy

The Flambeau M5986MS is, in essence, a straight upgrade to the M5895MS-1 in all aspects except for the price. It takes the same basic design and core features as its predecessor model and upgrades them. The bungee leg system makes it more convenient to carry around and re-position, compared to the previous model.

The new-look was created by the renowned wildlife artist Charlie Norton, so it is even more realistic than the previous model and is the most realistic model on the list. Furthermore, the entire model has been flocked, covered in special nylon, allowing it to near-perfectly imitate fur instead of the painted M5895MS-1.

The one downside is, it costs more than any other decoy on the list, but even when taking that factor into account, it is a solid contender for the best coyote decoy on the list. 


  • Shares vast majority of its features with the M5985
  • The design has been updated by wildlife artist and sculptor Charlie Norton to be even more realistic.
  • Additional flocking (nylon treated to look like fur) increasing the realism of the model even further.
  • The bungee leg system eases transportation and changing the pose of the decoy.


  • Same as with the M5985, for the most part
  • Is the priciest of the models on the list

Rules of Thumb for Picking the Best Coyote Decoy

When picking a hunting decoy, there are a number of attributes you need to consider. Among these attributes are attractiveness, price, quality, ease of use/ease of transportation, and wild card factors.

·      Attractiveness

Attractiveness is somewhat self-explanatory; it is the ability of the decoy to attract a coyote. This hinges on the senses of the coyote it uses to track prey: sight, hearing, and smell. For a coyote to investigate a decoy, the decoy must appeal to the coyote’s hunting instinct or curiosity via these three routes.

The first decoy on the list, the Super Critter, attracts coyotes through sight (moving fur) and sound (the sound of a rabbit, coyote prey, in distress). The Flambeau decoys appeal to sight (realistic coyote, potentially with fur in the muzzle indicating killed prey) and possibly scent (scent ring can be loaded up with a variety of scents).

The more realistic the depiction of the attractive object, the more effective the decoy; in other words, making pained rabbit sounds yourself is going to be less effective than using a quality speaker, and a poor depiction of a coyote is less likely to attract an actual coyote.

·      Price

Next, after attractiveness, we have the price, which is even more self-explanatory. The more affordable the decoy is, the better.  Although, it doesn’t matter if it is affordable if it doesn’t perform.  Remember, you get what you pay for.  

·      Quality

After this is quality, which refers to the overall quality of the product’s build and reliability. If a product is great at attracting coyotes and is cheap but breaks easily or malfunctions often, it isn’t a very good product and isn’t what you’re going to want to bring out with you on a coyote hunt.

·      Ease of Use/Transport

After quality, we have ease of use and ease of transportation bundled together as they are interlinked as part of the user experience. If a decoy is too hard to use, it will eat up time you could be using for hunting, and a longer set-up may lead to a coyote seeing what you are doing and deciding to leave the area or not come into the call.

Remember, you’re likely walking at least a few hundred yards into your coyote stand.  Keep that in mind when picking a coyote decoy.  You don’t want some big bulky thing that is going to slow you down.

·      Wild Cards

Finally, wild card factors: this describes generally anything that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the other categories. It includes such areas as personal preference, storage requirements, material requirements, and other factors depending on you, yourself.

These are hard to account for and generally are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on your specific hunting situations.  Just think about where you usually hunt coyotes and pick the best coyote decoy for that location.

·      Final Words

These categories and factors should help you pick out the best coyote decoy for you and make your hunting experience just that much better. Coyote hunting is already hard enough, bringing a decoy with you on the stand shouldn’t make it harder.

Advantages of a Hunting Call in Decoy Hunting

Coyote decoys are great products to own and use; they allow you to attract any coyotes in the area to where you want them to be. However, having only a decoy won’t be enough when you are coyote hunting.  You will also need to have a coyote call to attract them.  Once they get close enough to the coyote call, that’s when they will see the decoy and be interested even further. If you’re unfamiliar with coyote calls or predator calls, here’s a post of the best predator calls on the market today.

What is a Coyote Call, and Why Use One?

Coyote calls serve a similar purpose to decoys; they attract animals to an area. However, unlike decoys, these are best used to attract animals from a farther range to a general area instead of drawing relatively close animals in.

A coyote call is, essentially, a device that creates a specific noise, usually an animal in distress noise, that will attract any coyotes or other predators in the area.

How to Use a Coyote Call?

First, you find a place with good cover to sit downwind of a visible area, and you place your decoy and the call in the visible area. After you finish setting up, instead of just waiting for a coyote to wander in-range, you use your coyote call, releasing a loud sound designed to attract any coyote in the area.  Any coyotes in the area will hear the call and come see what it is.  They will then see the decoy and be even more interested and hopefully come in the visible area. If you are new to coyote hunting, check out our beginners guide to coyote hunting blog post.


How important is movement in a coyote decoy?

For most animals, movement of some kind is very important for them to be able to see. The majority of animals have worse eyesight than humans do and rely on movement to help them discern living beings from the environment. Of course, predators like coyotes can track via hearing and scent as well, but the visual stimulus is still very useful for attracting coyotes.

How should I place the coyote decoy?

For a decoy imitating prey, you would want the decoy facing away from you, as the predator (coyote) is likely going to try to ambush the prey from behind. If using a decoy imitating a coyote, you will probably want to, instead, have the decoy face towards you, as the coyote will more likely approach the front of the decoy.

Where should I set up my coyote decoy?

Your decoy should be set up in an area of high visibility to allow you to see the decoy, as well as see any coyote approaching or investigating the decoy. Furthermore, it must be visible from all directions, which better allows the decoy to be seen by a coyote.

What happens if my electronic coyote decoy doesn’t work?

Often, I find that just taking the batteries out and putting them back in does the trick to get your decoy up and running again. If this doesn’t work, fiddling with the way the batteries sit often works. I also recommend carrying spare batteries for all of your gear that needs it, so even if the batteries go dead, you have a fresh pair spare to replace them.

Final Word – The Best Coyote Decoy

Finally, after all of these details and explanations, it is time to tally up the score and declare the best coyote decoy. For me, it was a close call, but my favorite has to be the Mojo Super Critter Predator Decoy. It can attract coyotes through sight and hearing, with the possibility of using various hunting devices, such as scent, to bolster its attractive ability.

The in-built sound system attracts coyotes, even when it is tough to see the device, and means you don’t necessarily have to buy a hunting call to better attract coyotes. Its price point is affordable. The quality of the product is good at its price point.

It is lightweight, clocking in at only 1 pound, and is small enough to carry easily. The Mojo Super Critter Predator Decoy has everything you would want in a coyote decoy and that’s why we think it’s the best coyote decoy out there. 

Happy hunting!


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