Best Progressive Reloading Press – Top 3 For Reloading Ammo

Best Progressive Reloading Press – Top 3 For Reloading Ammo

Top 3 Best Progressive Reloading Presses For 2021

Are you wanting to reload more ammo per hour? Are you wanting to move up from that single stage reloading press to a progressive reloading press but you aren’t sure which one to buy? Are you not sure which is the best progressive reloading press? Well you are in the right place. We are going to go over 3 of the best progressive reloading presses and hopefully help you make up your mind about which one to buy. We are going to go over the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive Reloading Press, the Dillon Precision Auto Indexing Progressive Reloading Press and the Lee Precision Breech Lock Pro Progressive Reloading Press.

Best Progressive Reloading Press – Quick Look At The Top 3

Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Reloading Press Dillon Precision Progressive Reloading Press Lee Precision Progressive Reloading Press


  • EZject system
  • Capable of loading 500 rounds per hour
  • Built in priming  system
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Case activated powder drop


  • 5 Stations
  • Capable of loading 500 rounds per hour
  • Lifetime “No B. S.” Warranty
  • Casefeed tube automatically inserts casings


  • Cartridge changeover in seconds
  • Primer disposal tube
  • Exclusive auto case placer
  • Easy to use with no adjustments needed
Customer Rating 4.4/5 Stars Customer Rating 4.5/5 Stars Customer Rating 4.4/5 Stars
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Best Progressive Reloading Press – Product Reviews

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

The Hornady Brand name is synonymous with quality ammo manufacturing. So, it makes sense they would make a quality progressing reloading press as well. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Progessive Press has a lot to like about it. Besides the overall quality, it also has some exclusive Hornady features.

  • Quick Change Lock-N-Load Bushing System
    • Allows quick and easy changeovers for switching between different calibers. Changes can be done in under 5 minutes.
  • EZject System
    • Delivers 100% reliable ejection of every cartridge.
  • Universal Case Retainer Spring
    • Allows you to easily insert or remove a casing at any point in the reloading process.
  • Case Activated Powder Drop
    • This only allows powder to be dropped when there is a casing waiting for it.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load system is easy to operate even for beginners. All you need to do is insert the die bushing into the press and lock it in place with the locking lugs. Then insert the correct die into the bushing, adjust the die to the proper position and lock it into place with the lock ring. To change calibers all you need to do is remove your die and bushings and place another one in. Since you locked the die into the bushing, there is no need to adjust the die anymore. It will always be where you set it the first time. Each station on the press moves 1/2 turn with each upstroke and downstroke of the handle, making it quicker than other progressive presses. The Lock-N-Load progressive press is capable of producing 500 rounds per hour which will be a major step up from your single stage or turret press.

Dillon Precision 16940 XL 650 223 Progressive Auto Indexing Reloading Press

The Dillon Precision progressive reloading press is a quality machine. It measures 32 inches tall from your reloading bench and 38 inches tall if you decide to attach the electric case feeder to it. The shell plate rotates one station per pull of the handle. Station 1 resizes the casing and deprimes them. Station 2 flairs the casing and drops the correct amount of power. Station 3 checks the powder. Station 4 seats the bullet and station 5 crimps the casing around the bullet. It’s that simple. This progressive reloading press is capable of producing 500-800 rounds of ammo per hour.

Lee Precision Breech Lock Pro Progressive Reloading Press

The Lee Precision progressive reloading press will stand 18 inches tall on your reloading bench, weighs roughly 11 pounds and is easy to use. The construction allows you to be as involved in the process of reloading your ammo as you want to be. You can also change die sets to change what caliber you want to reload fairly quickly. This is done by Lee’s Breech Lock Inserts. All you have to do is take out the inserts and all your dies stay in place because they are locked into your inserts. It has a 4 place shell plate which allows 4 casings to be worked on with each stroke of the handle. Some of the features include:

  • Spent primer collection system
    • A through ram pushes your spent primer into a built in primer disposal tube.
  • Quickly change calibers
    • Breech Lock quick change system allows you to change calibers without making any adjustments.
  • Auto case placer
    • Automatically places your casing on the shell plate with no adjustments needed.
  • Built in storage rack for tools and dies

The Lee Precision progressive reloading press comes with an a quick set up guide which allows you to you have your press set up in about 15 minutes. This progressive reloading press is easy to operate and is more friendly on your wallet than some of the other presses out there.

Things To Consider When Buying A Progressive Reloading Press


You want to make sure the progressive reloading press you are buying is durable. One of the main reasons people reload their own ammo is because it is cost effective. But in order to make up the money you spend on the press itself and also the powder, lead, casings and primers you will have to reload thousands of rounds of ammo. That means you will using your reloading press thousands, if not tens of thousands of times. The repeated stress of using your press will eventually wear on the press. That is why it is extremely important to make sure the press is durable.

Number Of Rounds

The purpose of a progressive reloading press is to speed up the production of your ammo. You will see a dramatic difference in the amount of ammo you are able to reload using a progressive press over a single stage or turret press. All three presses we covered above are capable of producing 500 rounds per hour with a little practice.

What Does The Press Come With

Some progressive reloading presses come with all their attachments and some don’t. Make sure you read what you will be getting when you purchase one so you don’t have to wait for more parts in the mail to show up before you can start reloading. You will have to purchase separate dies for each caliber of ammo you are going to reload. If you are just starting out reloading, buying an entire reloading kit might not be a bad option. Kits usually come with most of the things you need like dies, scales, calipers and manuals. You will also need a bench or somewhere to put your press.

Rifle Magazine and Ammunition

Benefits Of Reloading Your Own Ammo

Cost Effective

Reloading your own ammo on a progressive reloading press can be cost effective, if you do it enough. You will have to recoup the cost of the actual press itself. Also you will have to buy primers, powder and the actual bullets. Your brass or casings can be reused up until a certain point. Most experts recommend not reusing brass more than 8-10 times. Always be sure to check the brass for signs of stress. The math to see how many rounds you will have to reload before you recoup your money is pretty easy. Just find the difference between how much it costs you to buy a box of ammo and how much it costs you to reload a box of ammo and see how many boxes you will have to reload before you make your money back.

Restrictive Gun Laws and Ammo Shortage

Its no secret that some politicians and certain groups want to ban certain firearms. Whether that will ever happen is yet to be seen but either way, it is a possibility. Whenever the issue hits the mainstream media it seems that ammo becomes much more expensive and is harder to find. By reloading your own ammo you able to ensure that you will have as much as you want and wont have to worry about the political environment around guns and ammo.

Final Word

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of reloading or just starting out, these three progressive reloading presses will make your life easier. Well in the reloading part of your life anyway. There are plenty of benefits to reloading your own ammo and plenty of things to think about when purchasing a progressive reloading press. In our opinion, the best progressive reloading press is the Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press. It has all the features you will need and is backed by the Hornady name. It is a little more expensive than some of the other progressive reloading presses out there but Hornady doesn’t skimp on quality. Whatever press you choose, we think you will be happy with your decision.

Happy Reloading!


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