Best Reloading Scale -Updated 2021

Best Reloading Scale -Updated 2021

Best Reloading Scale – Reviews And A Buyers Guide

Reloading ammunition is a popular, cost-effective method used by shooters. You will find numerous reloading scales in the market, but you will only get excellent results by choosing the best reloading scale. If you are an aspiring gun enthusiast, it will help to know that these scales are essential for a smooth, fine-tuned reloading process.

Using it will ensure that you insert the powder in the right case. Choosing this product could be overwhelming for some individuals. Read this article to eliminate confusion and choose a reloading scale that suits your needs.

How to Choose a Reloading Scale

Gun owners always utilize their scale when reloading their firearms. Therefore, it would be best to choose the right product. These scales come in various qualities, price ranges, features, and functions. The scale type you require will mostly depend on the uses and features you want from it. The user-friendliness, capacity, and accuracy of a reloading scale can vary significantly.

While ease of use is essential when choosing such products, you must remember that reloading more frequently is also a critical aspect. That said, minor conveniences are excellent time savers, especially when a gun owner reloads hundreds or thousands of rounds every month. However, you will find the same conveniences proving to be costly if you are a casual gun lover who does not reload every weekend.

The Benefit of a Reloading Scale

Reloading scales are excellent for shooters looking to save money on reloading. Most shops charge a sizable amount of money, which not everyone can afford. Instead, it would be best to reload your firearm’s ammunition by yourself. Sure, you may not get it right the first time, but consistency and a high-quality reloading scale will help you cut costs on reloading.

Most devices available these days contain numerous features that simplify the entire process. They ensure that you enter every shell without complications or minor hassles. What’s more, these scales are significantly safer than manual reloading options and minimize the chances of accidents.

Why Choose Digital Reloading Scales?

Contrary to balance beams, digital scales do not struggle with response times. They are remarkably quick and can detect weight and instantly display the accurate numbers. Sure, some products have lag times, but it is a drastically better option than analog scales.

Most modern scales can perform complex calculations, simplifying things for shooters on the go, as they do not need to open their phones or calculators. Furthermore, this product provides weights in different measurements ranging from carats to grains.

Best Reloading Scale Reviews

With a plethora of similar products in the market, choosing one that fulfills your needs can be complicated. However, the reloading scales mentioned below are some of the best options and contain numerous users-friendly features for gun owners.

Hornady Auto Charge

The Hornady Auto charge reloading scale is a user-friendly product with a handy LCD and keyboard to make things easy for reloaders. It stands out from competing products because it has manual dispensing and automatic charging options. Hornady Auto Charge contains an excellent trickle feature that works like a charm. It may overcharge sometimes, but you can fix this with a quick restart. 

The auto-charge takes less than seven to five minutes to scatter powder and is drastically quicker than manual scales. Consider positioning this reloading scale as far away from electrical components as you can to improve its performance. The product has three speed settings – slow, normal, and fast, providing optimum control for dispensing.

Like almost every reloading scale by Hornady, this one provides almost everything one wants from their scale. It weighs bullets and powders without issues and provides accurate numbers.


–    Easy to maintain and clean

–    Easy-to-read display

–    Provides overcharge protection for extra powder

–    Comes with a handy trickle button

–    Contains multiple speed settings


–    Temperature variations can be problematic in some instances

–    Users cannot use the scale separately

Hornady Reloading Scale 050108

The Hornady reloading scale 05018 has an excellent grain capacity (more than 1500 grains.) It is an ideal product for individuals who are serious about reloading their ammunition. Its accuracy can go over .1 grain, and its calibration requirements tend to drop after some time. The only complaint (if you can call it that) is people find this product’s buttons and size to be awkward.

However, it is a minor issue, and you will get used to it in no time. The product’s power pan has adequate protection and prevents the draft from providing inaccurate readings. It comes with handy calibration weights of 10 and 50 g, a powder pan, and a protective cover.


–    Setting up this reloading scale is quite straightforward, and you will face no issues when setting up and calibrating it

–    The high grain capacity of this product makes it ideal for long-time firearm reloading enthusiasts

–    Provides accurate powder weights


–    Some users complain that this product’s scale tends to slide off after .5 grains.

Frankford Arsenal Reloading Case

The Frankford Arsenal reloading case is another excellent product with a 1500 grains capacity. It comes in a visually appealing case that shields every item inside, allowing you to carry your reloading accessories with no worries. Like every high-quality scale, this one can measure at carats, ounces, grams, and grains, with excellent accuracy.

You will get a 220 Volt adaptor with this product that offers a smooth and seamless reloading process. The Frankford Reloading case gives tough competition to competing products, as it is a budget-friendly scale offering almost every feature you would expect from a high-quality reloading device.


–    The protective case this product comes in protects the accessories and prolongs the scale’s life

–    Highly-accurate readings

–    Contains user-friendly yet efficient scaling features


–    The scale slides off easily and requires frequent recalibration. It would be best to recalibrate in a stable and quiet area at room temperature.

RCBS Chargemaster Reloading Scale

The Chargemaster reloading scale is a high-quality product for reloading enthusiasts. It has an alloy frame that prevents the powder from sticking and spilling. You will receive a three-poise beam and 10, 1, and 0.1 graduating measurements. You would be shocked to see this reloading scale’s accurate readings. Long-time reloaders recommend this product to casuals and beginners because of its unique features.

RCBS’ powder hopper offers a decent 1lb capacity letting users scale quickly. It also has a built-in dispenser to provide maximum protection and accuracy. That said, this reloading scale is also incredibly quick and provides instant yet precise readings.


–    Excellent contrast for trouble-free readability

–    Easily portable

–    Accurate measurements

–    User-friendly

–    Developed for smoke-free powder


–    Can only accommodate smokeless powder

Final Thoughts

Reloading your own ammo can be a massive budget saver for gun enthusiasts. In addition, it could improve your firearm’s accuracy if done correctly. While we highly recommend the Hornady Auto Charge Reloading Scale, you can choose any of the reloading scales mentioned above to reload ammo with maximum convenience.


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