Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting

Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting

The Top 5 Best Thermal Scopes For Coyote Hunting

So, you’re thinking about getting a thermal scope for coyote hunting.  The technology for thermal scopes has been around for a while but they are now just becoming affordable.  With more and more companies joining the thermal scope market, now is the time to pull the trigger on a thermal scope if you’ve been on the fence about buying one. 

Thermal scopes are a game-changer for hunting coyotes at night or hunting anything at night for that matter.  No need to buy red or green lights anymore for night hunting, the thermal scope has everything you will need.  Below we break down the top 5 best thermal scopes for coyote hunting on the market to help you choose which one is best for you. 

1 – AGM Python TS25-336 Short Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

AGM Python Thermal Scope

This scope has a wide range of features, but I find it to be a good choice because it is very easy to operate. Although it is made of aluminum, making it light in weight, it is still plenty durable for a rifle scope.

The AGM Python works great day and night and will work in the rain (if you decide to hunt in the rain) because of its waterproof design.

The lenses are made of germanium, and you can choose lenses with ranges of 25mm up to 75mm. The Tau 2 detectors (the thermal imaging in the scope) come in two types [336×256 or 640×512]. Knowing that the thermal imaging in the scope is top notch will give you all the confidence you need when going out to hunt coyotes at night.

The AGM Python has a user-friendly interface with comfortable buttons. Real-time display with adjustable brightness and contrast. Additionally, it comes with a battery pack that comes in handy for extended hunting trips.

AGM Python TS25-36 Thermal Rifle Scope Pros

  • The AGM Python has a real-time display of pictures.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Lightweight and waterproof design
  • Battery-powered for longer periods
  • Tau 2 17μm thermal sensors
  • Manually adjustable eyepieces
  • HD recorder with Wi-fi module.
  • It can be powered externally using a micro-USB
  • Wireless remote control
  • Lens range between 25mm to 75mm
  • Changeable imaging pallets with 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x zoom features.

AGM Python TS25-36 Thermal Rifle Scope Cons

  • Can be a little pricey depending on your budget.

2 – AGM Secutor TS25-384 Compact Thermal Imaging Riflescopes

AGM Secutor Themal Scope

The AGM Secutor, like the AGM Python, is designed for 24 hours operation. It is a compact thermal riflescope. It is made with high-grade construction materials, waterproof and tough.

It has 3 modifications of objective lenses, ranging from 25mm to 75mm. The 25mm is great if you want to keep it short-range, but also gives you the option for long range with the 75mm lens. Calibration can be either manual or automatic which helps a bunch as well.

There is an option of adding a high-capacity battery pack that can increase the operation time by up to 44 hours. This design is originally powered by two CR123 lithium batteries. The Secutor has an impressive 11 color image palettes.

AGM Secutor TS25-36 Thermal Rifle Scope Pros

  • Compact and lightweight design, ideal for mobility.
  • Manual or automatic calibration
  • The Secutor is both waterproof and shockproof
  • Numerous reticle colors
  • HD display, giving you a clear view of your prey
  • 2x and 4x digital zoom
  • 5 zeroing profiles
  • Optional external power supply and Wi-Fi module
  • The 2x digital zoom offers the picture in picture mode.
  • Stadiametric rangefinder and a rail on unit for integral accessories
  • The Secutor is reliable for its superior quality and versatility.

AGM Secutor TS25-36 Thermal Rifle Scope Cons

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

3 – AGM Rattler TS25-384 Compact Short/Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 384×288

AGM Rattler Thermal Scope

The AGM Rattler can be used as a handheld monocular. It has a thermal detector and OLED monitor, which can see through fog and snow or debris. So, as long as you have some winter hunting clothes, the weather won’t stop you.

It comes with a 5V power bank for extended use if you exhaust the 4½ hours of operational time. The AGM Rattler supports up to 8x digital zoom, adjustable color pellets and a compact waterproof design. It has image processing and video recording technology.

AGM Rattler TS25-384 Thermal Rifle Scope Pros

  • The Rattle has an image processing technology.
  • It is made with a shockproof and waterproof design.
  • Supports distance measurement
  • Highly sensitive detector and an OLED display for clear pictures
  • Video recording feature with up to 16GB of memory
  • An impressive 8x digital zoom feature to make your image sighting even clearer.

AGM Rattler TS25-384 Thermal Rifle Scope Cons

  • It has only 2 lenses that support short and medium-range hunting.

4 – ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope w/Video rec in HD

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope

The ATN Thor 4 thermal rifle scope is a next-generation scope. It’s no surprise the core is obsidian. Once you hunt with this thermal scope it will be hard to go back to anything else. And you can have this all recorded in high-definition pictures and stored on a memory card.

The buttons are designed to give you optimal control with just a spin. Things get even easier with the one-shot zero feature that lets you adjust your reticle to provide you with the perfect shots when hunting coyotes or anything else.

Here’s another cool thing, losing an animal is almost impossible with this scope. The design includes a radar that can share the location of your target to close-by hunters. This is super useful if you are hunting with a group of friends and aren’t sitting right by each other.

The design of the ATN Thor 4 goes a step further to ensure that you hit your target each time, every time. This is made possible by the ballistic calculator, which puts wind, range, humidity, and even temperature to determine the shot’s best angle. The only reason you will miss with this scope is operator error.

The ATN Thor 4 thermal scope is recoil resistant which reduces power consumption, enabling the battery to battery to last for up to 16 hours without an external power source.  To top it off, it comes with an auxiliary laser.

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Rifle Scope Pros

  • Next-generation ultra-sensitive sensor
  • Video recording feature
  • Easy to mount and use
  • One-shot zero adjustments of your reticle
  • Radar to track your game
  • Ballistic calculator for accurate shot
  • Obsidian core with recoil-activated video.
  • Extended battery life for up to 16 hours
  • Provision for an auxiliary laser.
  • Multiple reticle types and colors
  • Waterproof design, ideal for any weather condition.

ATN Thor 4 Thermal Rifle Scope Cons

  • It takes time to become familiar with all the options.

5 – ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x, 384×288, Thermal Rifle Scope w/Ultra-Sensitive Next Gen Sensor

ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Thermal Scope

The ATN Thor 4 1.25 to 5x is just a step up from the ATN Thor 4.  It is powered by an Obsidian IV dual-core and has next-generation sensors with much higher thermal sensitivity. The thermal sensor is not the only thing improved about this riflescope. It has an almost silent shutter and improved picture contrast.

It might look like a typical scope at first sight, but the Obsidian core, among others, makes it stand out. This Obsidian is designed by ATN.  This thermal scope also features a 90mm eye relief and a battery that lasts up to 18 hours.

The ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x comes with a dual streaming and recording feature that can be connected to your Wi-fi to be streamed on your laptop, Android and iOS devices. ATN products have an interactive obsidian app used to adjust the settings on scope all so conveniently.

This is also equipped with the very useful one-shot zero feature, which enables you to take a shot and then recalibrate your reticle to your intended target. The smart rangefinder automatically calculates your target distance and determines your point of impact, working hand in hand with the ballistic calculator.

ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Pros

  • Easy menu system and navigation
  • Special smart Mil-Dot reticle
  • Smart laser rangefinder and ballistic calculator
  • Smooth zoom feature
  • Dual streaming and recording feature.
  • High-definition display
  • Highly sensitive sensors
  • Recoil activated video

ATN Thor 4 1.25-5x Cons

  • May be expensive depending on your budget

What to Look for When Buying a Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting

There are a ton of thermal scopes out there.  I focused on two companies that are leaders in the thermal rifle scope industry.  If you do decide to go with another brand, here are a few things to consider when buying a thermal rifle scope.

Thermal Scope Sensor Resolution

Companies like ATN have created thermal scopes that have next-generation sensitivity. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized because the scope is only as good as the thermal imaging equipment inside of it. The resolution of a thermal sensor will give you a clear view of your game.

Thermal Scope Detection Range

Hey, safety is an animal instinct, right, so you can expect animals to stay as far away from danger as possible. But that shouldn’t matter if you’ve got a 75mm lens on your scope to see a coyote or another animal from as far as 4000 yards. Now this doesn’t mean that you will be able to shoot that far and nor should you but that just shows how powerful the scope is.

Thermal Scope Battery Life

You will need a scope with a long-lasting battery. It is crucial because, on bad days, you could go hours without spotting a game, I know I have. Scopes with external battery features come in very handy here.  There is a lot going on in a thermal scope so make sure to take into account battery life.

Thermal Scope Durability

A warranty is a good thing but getting a scope that can serve you for years without the need for change or even repairs is even better. The AGM Secutor stands out for its durability, but if you go with another brand or another thermal scope, make sure it’s durable.

These are the most important things you need to think about when purchasing a thermal scope. The above recommendations have all the above features and a few differences. AGM and ATN brands are reliable names in thermal scope market.

AGM produces lightweight scopes with high thermal sensitivity. The introduction of obsidian cores by ATN improved upon what has already been a fast-evolving thermal scope market.

Advantages of Using a Thermal Scope

Night vision is another kind of rifle scope that can be used for hunting coyotes or anything else at night.  Thermal rifle scopes have a few major advantages though. 

First, they can be used during night or day.  This is helpful because you don’t need to switch scopes or have two different coyote hunting set ups for night and day. 

Second, they work from the thermal heat an animal is giving off.  This means as long as whatever you are hunting is giving off heat, you will see it. 

Third, you don’t need any external light as you do with night vision.  Night vision takes the ambient light from the moon and whatever else and amplifies it.  If it’s a pitch-black night, you will have a hard time seeing with a night vision scope. 

Thermal Hunting Scopes FAQs

Difference Between Night Vision and Thermal Heat Scope

The simple difference between these two is night vision requires a certain amount of light to detect and produce an image. But thermal scopes do not require light to produce images because it relies on the coyote’s or other animal’s body heat.

How Much Does A Thermal Scope Cost?

Thermal scopes have a wide range of applications but depending on what you want to use them for.  For coyote hunting or any other type of night hunting, a good thermal hunting scope will cost between $1000 – $8000.

How Does A Thermal Scope Work?

Thermal scopes work because of the thermal imaging equipment inside the scope.

This equipment detects heat and radiation that is given off by a coyote or another animal and displays in. 

The coyote or other animal generates heat, which makes them warmer than their surroundings and thus makes it possible for a thermal scope to detect them even in the absence of light. The game appears in black and white or as a hue of colors identifying different temperatures, all in the shape of the identified animal.

The Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting Is?

It depends.  Ok, that probably isn’t the answer you wanted to hear but like most things in life, it just depends.  It depends mostly on what your budget will allow.  Both AGM and ATN make great thermal scopes for coyote hunting.  Of the ones above, AGM is more expensive.

If your budget allows, I would go with the AGM Rattler TS25-384 Thermal Rifle Scope.  It is more expensive, but you do get more features.

If this is your first thermal rifle scope for coyote hunting and you don’t have a large budget, I would go with the ATN Thor 4 Thermal Rifle ScopeIt will have everything you need and is a great beginner’s thermal scope.

No matter what thermal rifle scope you choose, once you use one, you won’t want to go back to anything else.  Thermal scopes are a game-changer for hunting coyotes or anything else at night.  You won’t regret getting one.

Happy Hunting!


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